Szénási Gergely

If someone know everything about movement cultures, he is that person! Beside he has so many world champion title as a fighter, he is one of the best break and parkour rider! It is awesome when his performance mix with some world class extreme cycling riders’ skill in one performance!

László Hegedűs

“Hege” is the founder and general manager of Hegeshow team. Beside it he is one of the BEST extreme bicycle rider in the World and the most successful national cyclist! He is 16 times national champion and won a live TV show in China! You have to watch his skills in LIVE!

Zoltán Takács

One of the best national rider who has a huge show experience! He is able to do awesome movements on the bike and always ready to entertain the audience!  He is a rider who are able to move in the same time with his partner.